Saturday, July 15, 2017

Unique Blogger Award

This was unexpected...
I'd like to thank all those crappy writers I had to step on to get here! (I'M KIDDING! LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE! Sheesh)
Thank you MyPalsim for nominating me. I usually don't respond to these things either for the exact same reason as you. But with you guys it's actually fun :)

So let's tackle those questions of yours:

1. Are there any people in your life on which you base certain characters?

Not really, no. I sometimes like characters I come across in movies and use a bit of their personality to form my own character. Maybe a mix of 2 personas I liked.
For a recent character I have used a bit of my own personality, but never completely based on a real person in my life.

2. How important to you is photo editing? Why?

Not so important to me. I do it to give my pictures a more finished feeling. A border here, lightened or darkened a bit there. It kills me to see other editors over-edit their pictures just to make them look 'real' whatever the hell that means. Sims is still a game let's not forget that.
Photo editing isn't as important to me as CC is. What they try to do with the editing, I try to do with CC. Make the settings look as natural and normal as possible to make you go: 'I can actually imagine myself sitting in that cafe'. That's what I try to do. Going as minimal as possible on the editing is what works for me :)

3. If you were trapped on a deserted island with only one of your characters, who would it be? Why?

Ooooh, hard one! Let's see... I can't it's a tie! On both the girls' side and the guys'.
Iden and Chase. Apart from the physical aspect (Rub bodies together for WARMTH) *cough* Iden is ruthless when it comes to making hard decisions, but he's a protector (of family and loved ones) first and foremost. (Being one of the very first vampires ups his game too LOL) and Chase has survival skills. He may seem like a loyal dog in the presence of his master(s), you've met them so you know you would too, but on his own... he's the guy to have around. He has a lot of experience under his belt and the worst mistake you can make is underestimate him.
Charlotte and Angelica. Both are no nonsense girls and badass hunters. Their hawkeyes would come in handy if the island has a forest. Angelica has the 'don't get attached and you'll have nothing to lose' attitude and Charlotte will gladly take a hard decision out of your hand. That's how good of a friend/wingwoman she can be.

So yeah, those are my picks! It's not 1 character, but if it really had to be one, I'd have to make the hard decision of picking from these four. (Can't do it at the moment :) )

4. Take each of your main characters and describe them as a piece of furniture. Why pick that type of furniture?

Girl, what's up with these hard questions? I'll think of the furniture based on their personalities (That's the why part of this question) because otherwise it is really hard to describe why that piece exactly.
-Iden: Chaise Lounge
-Raven: Four Poster bed/Canopy bed (Must have the curtains!)
-Callum: Wicker Patio Chair (No cushions)
-Lillian: Oakwood Desk
-Marina: Livingroom table made of glass

5. If you could bring one of your charcters into your real world life, who would it be and why? (and make it different from someone in question 3, if possible)

I would say 'Ashira' from -Lady of the House-, but since you don't know her yet, I'll say 'Kat' from
-Tamed-. She's just that really good friend that knows or experienced all of your ups and downs. She knows when to cheer you up, leave you the hell alone out of fear of death and knocks sense back into you when you're losing it. She's just always there for you come what may and she has an awesome sense of humor. Is gutsy and a daredevil, but responsible enough to not get everyone killed.
I do believe everyone should have at least one friend that's like that. I wish I did, so yes, Kat.


And now for the sad part. The 'I have no one to nominate' part.
I did the tedious job (internet is super slow since about 2 months ago) of going to all the blogs of my friends AND through their tags to see if they had been nominated before. You can already guess the answer to that. Yes, they had! I'm not part of that many writer/reading groups, so I'm pretty limited when it comes to things like this.

Thank you again MyPalsim! But your nomination ends with me. I'm sure on other blogs it's still spreading like fire :)

Hugs and kisses to all!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Matthews Legacy - 3.6 (College)

Sorry this update is somewhat late. The reason for it is simple: Posting has caught up with me and we're right where I am with playing. I no longer have a stash, which means posting will vary greatly. So bear with me :)